I developed a web application called Certified Mixtapez. We have apps on iOS and Android.I've seen many blog posts on different application's architecture but most are not related to asp.net or windows server. I guess because the licenses cost get really expensive for bootstrappers.Nonetheless, I developed my application and web services in asp.net. Im currently running on Asp.net MVC 4.5 in production but I'm migrating to asp.net core 2.0 (But that will be in future post).We choose .NET and Windows because ease and familiarity. As the application scaled, I had to make adjustments other than throwing money at RAM. I decide to try Redis for Cache response to make my web services snappy for high frequency request.

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Web Edition
CPU E5-2430 @ 2.20GHz (2 processors)
RAM: 128 GB
Storage: 6 TB
Cost: $1257.98 per month - Servers.com
Cost: $150.00 per month - CDN